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A Z U R A ♦ R H A P S O D Y

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Azura Rhapsody

Welcome to Azura Rhapsody! This is my aka sourparfait's Graphic/Code community. I post anything ranging from profile codes to icons, some in my various fandoms and some in the general catagory. I don't take requests yet but, if I'm bugged enough, I may take requests in the near future :3c If you like anything you see, please consider watching the community!

There aren't many rules that I have here but, I still have to have some.
No rude comments toward me, my creations, my friends or other commenters/watchers. 
Credits should not be taken off of any of my codes. 
Credits for icons and signatures are always loved but, it's not required.
Any images I make should not be edited to remove the credit

Here are some related graphic communities that I've exchanged links with!

If you'd like to become affiliates, please leave a comment and a link to your graphic community on this post! I'm always accepting affiliates!

So I figured that I needed to have this here just in case something came up about it.

All designs on this community, minus the layout, are all by me. However, all screencaps, anime, manga and game art belong to their owners, I did not make any of them. I just used the art to make graphics from. No copyright infringement intended there.

Also, as I make icons, wallpapers and whatever else from someone's art, I'll post a link to this post.

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