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001 // Happy 20th Birthday Sailor Moon!

Special Sailor Moon batch
24 100x100 for LJ/DW
14 128x128 for Twitter
14 195x195 for Plurk


♥ Credit is not require, but it always loved
♥ If you like what you see, please consider watching the community!
♥ If you do credit on DW/LJ, please use the codes below. (But remove the brackets!)
DW: <[user name="azurarhapsody"]>
LJ: <[lj user="azurarhapsody" /]>

Please do not add 'icon by' or 'made by' to the credit. I don't want anyone believing I made the art.

♥ Disclaimer Note: I did not make any of the art above. These are fanmade and purely for non-profit reasons. I do not own Sailor Moon. Series belongs to Naoko Takeuchi, Toei Animation and Kodansha. No copyright infringement intended.
Tags: !100x100 icons, !plurk icons, !twitter icons, fandom: sailor moon

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